LFK Candidates meet in Almonte

May 31, 2018 by

Provincial election candidates for the Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston riding took their messages to Almonte on Wednesday night.

The Candidates: Ramsey Hart (NDP), Randy Hillier (PC), Steve Gebhardt (Libertarian), Anita Payne (Green) and Amanda Pulker-Mok (Liberal)

The Candidates: Ramsey Hart (NDP), Randy Hillier (PC), Steve Gebhardt (Libertarian), Anita Payne (Green) and Amanda Pulker-Mok (Liberal)

Representatives from the Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, and Libertarian parties gathered at the Orchard View Retirement home to discuss issues their plans for issues facing rural Ontario residents.

Members of the crowd voiced  their concerns about issues like health care and an unclear Conservative platform aiming for efficiency which other candidates, like the Liberal’s Amanda Pulker-Mok were quick to point out as well.

“A lack of a platform. Where is the money really coming from? All of these efficiencies. Where is the money coming from?" asked Pulker-Mok.  "I checked their website as of this morning and there was still no clear direction as to what the next four years would look like,” she added.

Incumbent Conservative MPP Randy Hillier defended his party and explained he would do whatever it took to ensure local residents are taken care of on local issues, including health care.

“I’m not sure, administratively, what may happen and where those efficiencies are best found," said Hillier. "But I can say to you, as long as I'm MPP,  Almonte Hospital, Carleton Place Hospital, Perth and Smiths Falls Hospital will stay open,” he added as the crowd broke into applause.

NDP Candidate Ramsey Hart stressed the importance of investing into businesses in rural Ontario and getting hydro rates under control.

“We need to make sure we’re supporting our base industries," said Hart. "In Perth, we’re lucky to have 3M and Grenville Castings. Those provide good jobs as long as the companies can stay there, and one of their biggest obstacles is hydro.”

Green Candidate Anita Payne expressed her party’s platform as being part of a larger global movement geared towards not rewarding businesses that pollute and creating new jobs in developing green technologies.

Payne said, “Globally, there’s $6 Trillion in the clean economy. We want to grab a piece of that. We want to redirect $3.1 Billion per year in existing business support programs in the right direction.”

Libertarian Candidate Steve Gebhardt also weighed in on the idea of efficiencies, suggesting that there are too many government jobs built around handling simple issues and suggesting that “Government get out of the way” in order to allow the private sector to guide Ontario’s growth.

The Ontario general election will take place on June 7th.