Docs on Ice set to skate into Perth

June 7, 2018 by

DocsOnIce_Header3Docs on Ice is coming to Lanark County.

The annual fundraising hockey tournament event will field 56 teams made up of 800 doctors and 100 medical students to raise money for a yet-to-be-determined local charity.

A delegation from Docs on Ice was at Perth Committee on Tuesday evening to ask the town to waive the ice and arena fees for the tournament planned for March 28th to 30th of next year.

Because the tournament is a fundraiser and will draw nearly a 1000 doctors into the area, and is scheduled for a time when ice is rarely booked, council has agreed to welcome the tournament and waive the fees.

As Councillor Ed McPherson tells Lake 88 News it’s an opportunity to recruit new doctors too. "Anytime you can have 1000 family physicians and experts come to your town, it’s a great thing," he said. "I had the opportunity to play with the physician’s hockey team for a few year in different tournaments, it was well received in every community we went to, lots of people came out to watch us play these games."

He says he thinks it will be  a great thing for the town of Perth especially because the town is always looking to attract new physicians to town. "This might be a good way to do it," said McPherson.