Lanark County decides Delegations to committees must adhere to bylaws

June 14, 2018 by

lrg_Local MapLanark County’s corporate services committee agrees delegations are always welcome at county committee meetings – but says they must adhere to bylaws.

The issue arose after a resident was granted permission last month to speak as a delegation on an issue (roadside spraying) that had already been decided.

Beckwith Reeve Richard Kidd pointed out that under Lanark County’s procedural bylaws no one can address council “on a policy matter upon which Council has already made a decision within the last 12 months”.  He said, “If a decision has already been made on a topic, then there should be no more delegations.”

Tay Valley Deputy Reeve Brian Campbell argued delegations on decided topics should be allowed in interests of transparency.

He said, “We are doing a disservice by denying people who want to come before us.”

In the end, Councillors agreed to adhere to the county procedural bylaw.  Delegations can speak on a topic that has already been decided if Councillors approve the request by a two-thirds majority.