Costs set to rise at Lanark Lodge

June 14, 2018 by

lanlodgeLanark County Councillors learned Tuesday night that the cost of operating Lanark Lodge is increasing, but provincial funding has not kept pace.

Jennie Bingley, county treasurer, told the community services committee that the provincial subsidy isn’t enough to cover the cost of staff.

In addition, she told staff the Lodge must hire more direct care staff in the future to properly care for residents.

While staff levels haven’t been changed for ten years, seniors admitted to Lanark Lodge have increasingly more complex health issues.

Total expenditures per patient is $90,000 a year, but the province only provides $48,000 per patient. The county now expends $15,500 per patient. Resident co-payments averages $23,000 per patient.

Bingley said staff are doing a comprehensive review, but warned that more money would have to be set aside for Lanark Lodge in the future.

Councillors discussed the possibility of studying other models of operating long-term care facilities as part of the comprehensive review.