PerthWorks plot sold to co-housing group

June 29, 2018 by

News From PerthThe largest remaining parcel of undeveloped PerthWorks property – has been sold to a local co-housing group at the market price of $154,000. Block D Halton Yard is a 2,400 square meters parcel with a 7.5 meter frontage on Halton Street.

“We’ve been working closely with the group for almost seven months.  Block D is the apartment block, and the group is looking at going forward with a condominium,”  Forbes Symon, director of Development and Protective Services told council members at the June 26 council meeting.

This PerthWorks lands owned by the town have been slated for e-housing or any type of innovative housing solutions, according to Mayor John Fenik.

“This is a group of individual seniors that have come together and want to pursue a co-housing solution,” said Symon.

The land sold at market value, although it’s a cost recovery for the town’s investment according to Symon.

“We were pursuing this as a break even venture. It was not pursued as a for profit, but as advancing some of the town’s environmental agenda,” said Symon.

The purchasers will be building a condominium style building with stand alone apartments and common areas that encourage a supportive lifestyle.

“It fits exactly the type of development  we’d like to have up there,”  Fenik told Lake88.