Workplace investigation leads to Merrickville Wolford CAO’s resignation – public left in the dark

July 4, 2018 by

News From Merrickville WolfordA very short press release announcing the resignation of John Regan CAO in Merrickville –Wolford was the only information the media and the public were given after a four-month workplace investigation.

Regan had joined the municipality in September of 2016.  On May 21, 2018 he had resigned.  He had been on paid administrative leave since January 19, 2018.

Regan was named on this year’s sunshine list as earning nearly $123,000 a year.

The town’s press release did not address and nobody at the municipality has been willing to say on the record, is that Regan’s resignation came shortly after the conclusion of a workplace investigation that began shortly after Regan went on leave.  It also didn’t in any way acknowledge that Regan had been on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

Regan has a history of short appointment with municipalities, including 13 months as CAO in French River, 14 months as Manager of Economic Development and Tourism in Haldimand County, and seven months at the City of Brantford.  Prior to those appointments he was the manager of the Elgin CFDC for five years.

According to interim CAO Arie Hoogenboom, neither the investigator’s report, not the findings of the investigation will be released to the public, for legal reasons.

With Hoogenboom ending his consultancy with the village at the end of June a new CAO and Economic Development Officer has been appointed for just one year, so that the new council can make the permanent appointment.  The new CAO is Douglas J. Robertson who has had work experience with both large and small municipalities started on July 5.