In Focus – Wed July 11, 2018 – Julie Cable: Lyme Disease Support

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In FocusJulie Cable speaks with Lynda about her experience with Lyme Disease, since her diagnosis two years ago.  She has started a Support Group which meets this evening at 6pm at the Perth Library. For more information, contact Julie at or Lanark Fights Lyme at 613 264 8677.


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  1. Alison

    Great delivery Julie! Relevant, inspiring and long over due 💕 Thank you Julie as your experience, mirrors many of us who suffer alone! No one should fight these stealthy parasitic invaders, day by day, they spue their process of elimination, invading every bodily system into our blood, making Lyme a continuing battle. If anyone didn’t understand what the battle was, it’s on going, often misdiagnosed, and costly to identify and treat. Thanks Again! AK

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