6:20 AM – Hydro outages left in wake of overnight storms

August 7, 2018 by

Hydro One TruckAs of 6:00 am, Tuesday August 7th.

There are a number of power outages across southern and eastern Ontario, likely due to last night’s unstable weather.

That includes some in our listening area:

On the south shore of Upper Rideau Lake, residents can expect power to be out until at least 10 am.

To the east of that, along Narrow’s Lock Rd. an outage was still being assessed as of 6 am this morning.

They hope to have one in Beckwith on the west shore of Mississippi Lake back on shortly.

One to the south of Otter Lake likely won’t be restored until noon.

Another in Eastons Corners should be restored by shortly after 8 this morning.

Hydro One works to respond to all calls as soon as possible and must assess each situation for safety risks as it does.