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Carleton Place noise barrier set to be replaced

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Local News | 0 comments

The noise barrier fence on Johnson Street in Carleton Place is finally going to be replaced.

The fence has deteriorated to the point where some sections are unstable, requiring owners of properties along the fence to support it themselves, and other sections have fully fallen over.

The town is on the hook for the repairs because, while developers were responsible for installing the fence, the fence sits on town property and there is no documentation that shows fence maintenance as the responsibility of property owners.

After examining the fence, town staff has determined that it will cost $30,000 to build a new fence that meets the appropriate level of noise reduction.

A new noise barrier was not part of the town’s initial 2018 budget as the state of the fence only came to the town’s attention in recent months, so it will be funded from Carleton Place’s Public Works Reserves.

The decision fits with a trend that has seen many development proposals structured to include the Town as being responsible for ongoing maintenance of fences that are required as part of a noise study.

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