Perth topping up Community Improvement Plan after interest remains strong

August 10, 2018 by

Perth DowntownThe town’s Community Improvement Program has been so successful that staff are recommending a budget deviation to drop another $10,000 into the grant.

The 2018 budget allocated $25,000 to the CIP, and has already allocated $20,316 and given a conditional approval for another $5,000 grant, depleting the program.

There was unanimous approval of the recommendation because as Mayor John Fenik points out it’s a win for everyone with a limit.

“I’m comfortable with the additional $10,000 we’re putting into the Community Improvement Grant," said Mayor Fenik. "It’s been a very successful program it’s been subscribed to every year.  There is a limit - we only have so much money in the town of Perth, the $10,00 is not going to hurt our bottom line and it’s going to go towards some great improvements in the downtown core and you know when the time comes that our money runs out, then that will be the end of the grant program for this year."

The additional money would go to support five more businesses with eligible projects.


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