Group wants to form citizen-led panel to become stewards of Perth’s Stewart Park

August 10, 2018 by

perth-stewart_parkA group of Perth residents are concerned over what they call a lack of long term planning for Stewart Park.

The group went to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday to ask council members to consider formally recognizing a citizen led panel of stewards for what they describe as the “jewel of Perth.”

Speaking to Lake 88, spokesperson and resident Greg Anderson explained what they’re looking for. "So my simple pitch was to get a committee set up, you know to use these people that we have in town who are interested in the park and will serve on a committee and to do that planning for the park."

He added the committee could be a valued resource. "Some of them have a lot of expertise that we’re not using.  And at the end of the day I think they’re going to consider that seriously, John, the mayor, almost formed the committee of the spot."

The town has deferred a decision on the committee which is okay by Anderson.

He says there’s no rush and hopes the committee could be active for the next council, and is confident the town will make that happen.

He added there was some concern with doing things now, with a lame duck council.


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