Detailed design of potential Abbott-Lombard intersection fix in Smiths Falls to be completed

September 12, 2018 by

Abbott Lombard SFThe frustrations of the Lombard/Abbott Street intersection in Smiths Falls are getting a step closer to becoming a thing of the past.

“We’re moving forward with the detailed design of the Lombard/Abbott intersection,” said Troy Dunlop, director of Public Works and Utilities following the Committee of the Whole meeting.

The town is hiring Novatech to complete a detailed design of the intersection with full costing so that the project will be construction ready.

The work will start immediately and will cost approximately $68,000, including all the necessary approvals from MTO, RVCA and Parks Canada.

“We had set aside $65,000 and 32 percent of the cost is being funded by the Federal Gas Tax,” Dunlop explained to council members.

The design work follows up on a study of that intersection completed last October.

“We’re taking 2016 data and we’re seeing more rapid growth in the community than was projected, my concern is that we might be basing the new design on old growth projections,” said Mayor Shawn Pankow.

While acknowledging the concern, Dunlop pointed out that the October study looked at present, medium term and long term projections and explained that the town is currently working with the medium term projections.

The design work is expected to be ready by spring of 2019 in time for the town to seek Connecting Links funding to see the project realized.  The new intersection will not only be properly accessible but will also incorporate ‘intelligent controllers’ that can adapt signal timing to the opening and closing of the swing bridge, and reduce traffic snarls.

“We’re also looking at implementing a free right turn lane for traffic moving off Abbott St heading south on Highway 15,” said Dunlop.



  1. John Guay

    Can't wait !

  2. Judy Charles

    I hope it is better than the intersection at the top of Becwith Street / Elmsley. It is a dangerous situation when the flashing light comes on for people turning onto Elmsley from Beckwith towards hospital and left towards post office. It can't be done at the same time, there is not enough room for both cars to turn at the same time. I have seen many times an accident waiting to happen.

  3. Grant Wissler

    How about a roundabout? They are more efficient than lights in processing traffic. To access the extra area necessary for a roundabout demolish the empty retail building and incorporate that land into the roundabout.

  4. Gord West

    I am baffled by the money this town spends on new projects when they can't fix a bridge that's an absolute eyesore due to lack of funds? Where is the logic? Where do the priorities lie? FIX WHATS BROKEN BEFORE YOU CREATE ALTERATION PLANS WHERE THINGS ALREADY FUNCTION and as far as the Abbott & Lombard intersection the issue on this one is obviously the rotating bridge delaying traffic.. swap it out for a ramp bridge like everywhere else in town and the issue is solved otherwise don't waste the town's money when you could rebuild the canal St/confederation dr bridge.

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