Councillor proposes fix for wayward trucks in Perth

September 14, 2018 by

594Trucks rumbling through town are an irritant that many municipalities face.   It’s no different in Perth.  But the town may have hit on at least part of a solution to trucks wandering off the designated routes.

“I propose that we paint truck routes on the actual street with a truck symbol,” said Councillor Riq Turner.

The designated truck routes through Perth are along Gore, Wilson, North, Craig, Sherbrooke and Chetwynd and although there is some signage it’s not very clear.

In addition Mayor John Fenik pointed out that trucking has changed over the years and truck drivers no longer have designated routes that they regularly follow, but rather are on rotating rosters.  This means that truck drivers are often navigating routes that are not familiar.

Turner said, “I think most of the time, when they end up on streets they’re not supposed to be on, it’s by mistake. They’re not intentionally breaking the law, they just don’t know where to go.”

The idea of painting signs directly onto the road isn’t new, but there is not specific truck symbol that’s used throughout the province.

However Grant Machan, Director of Environmental Services, said he would would work with the road painter the town uses to see what they can devise.



  1. Wayne Steele

    The time, effort and costs involved may be better applied to getting the proposed truck bypass completed to direct all trucks around and past Perth rather than signage to make it easier for the trucks to use the Perth thoroughfares which is constantly making a negative impact on our infrastructure and annoyance to our pedestrians and motorists and the potential of a major incident involving volatile cargo.

  2. Ken Maidment

    How well would that work in the winter when ice and snow typically cover the streets?

  3. dan milner

    the standard symbol for trucks is already being used on the truck route signs going through town. its the shape of a van body truck.. just use the one you already have and add an arrow or chevrons to indicate direction.

  4. John Smith

    I understand the need of the truck route, but I hope the Town of Perth does not also route their retail stores to this route if it ever gets built. Example look at Carleton Place, McNeely Ave. The Town center has also received a re-route.. the down town is now no longer the down town.. downtown is the truck route now.. sad to see poor planning for this basically eliminate the small town feel and heritage in favor of the easier access to to trucking.. plan the route carefully and limit the surrounding lands to development or Heritage downtown Perth will turn into a ghost town, instead of the beautiful carefully planned and kept pride it is now!

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