New crosswalks in Perth are taking some getting used to

September 14, 2018 by

News From PerthThe new signalized cross walks on Gore St. have been in since late August but Grant Machan, Director of Environmental Services says they’re presenting some challenges.

“People aren’t pushing the button that activates the lights,” explained Machan.

The new cross walks consist of several MTO mandated pieces that are meant to work together to ensure the safety of pedestrians.  These include pavement markings, signs, flashing lights and a push button that activates the lights.

Machan says he has observed long time residents crossing without pushing the button, as well as drivers used to the old courtesy crosswalks stopping before the lights start flashing.  While that works for residents, its not going to work for newcomers to town or visitors who are expecting the lights to signal a stop.

Currently there are two sets of directed LED lights at the sides of the road to signal cars to stop at each crosswalk.

“Overhead lighting at the crosswalks is also being looked into,” Machan told council.

In the meantime Machan urges pedestrians wishing to cross at a crosswalk to please remember to push the button to activate the lights.

At the same time drivers are reminded that they are obliged by the Highway Traffic Act to come to a complete stop once the signals start flashing.

The fine for failure to stop has just gone up from $500 and three demerit points, to as much as $1000 and four demerit points as of Sept 1, 2018, according to the Ministry’s website.



  1. Kevin Daley

    I thought the old system was working fine.

  2. Ashley

    The overhead light would be so much better! I find you can’t see the lights flashing until you’re pretty much in the intersection.

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