New meeting structure coming to Carleton Place Town Hall

September 14, 2018 by

News From Carleton PlaceResidents of Carleton Place looking to attend meetings of the town’s various committees and council are going to need to adjust their schedules as the number of meetings is being cut in half.

During Tuesday’s policy review committee meeting, council voted to change it’s structure from one made up of standing committees to a committee of the whole system.

This means that instead of meeting once a week, council will only meet to discuss issues every two weeks.

The change comes along with a few others, like changes to the town’s agenda and action report formats, meant to increase the efficiency of council meetings.

Under the current system, each committee has a designated week where its issues are discussed. This had the potential to create a situation where an issue could be brought up, but not discussed for up to a month while waiting for the appropriate committee to hold a meeting.

The Committee of the Whole system will allow issues to be discussed on any week where there is a meeting, and allows allows council to call special meetings during off weeks if it is deemed necessary.

Town staff have been tasked with determining the details of the change, such as if there will be new meeting start times and when the new schedule will begin.


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