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Lanark County endorses Community Plan for Safety and Well-being in principal

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Local News | 0 comments

Lanark County’s community services committee endorsed in principle a far reaching report which benefit all county municipalities in the future at their meeting held Wednesday, August 8th.

Stephanie Gray, coordinator of the project, presented the Community Plan for Safety and Well-being at the committee meeting. Gray says the report, which addresses risks to community safety and provides an action plan, is totally community-based.

“The exciting thing about the plan is that it’s been community driven from the start, said Gray. “We’ve had excellent response from local agencies who have partnered with the steering committee to move it forward.”

During the community consultation process 12 risk areas were identified. These include but are not limited to: mental health, poverty, transportation, domestic violence and seniors.

Gray said consultation included surveys, feedback from local agencies, working groups, focus groups and interviews. More stakeholders with varried expertise are expected to be brought on board as the project moves forward.

The project’s steering committee began its work in late 2016 – well before the province passed its Safer Ontario Act in March 2018.

The act stipulates that all municipalities must prepare a community safety plan.

County Councillors were enthusiastic about the report presented by Gray. Several noted that if risks to community safety are addressed before they become larger problems, the costs of policing would decline.

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