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In Focus: Tuesday, October 9, 2018- Keith Kerr, Brian Campbell, Susan Freeman

by | Oct 9, 2018 | In Focus | 5 comments

Our Municipal Election Round Table Discussions continue with Reeve for Tay Valley; Keith Kerr, Brian Campbell and Susan Freeman.


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  1. Erin Way

    Having listened to the message from the Reeve Keith Kerr, I feel there was deliberate intention to mislead the community with regards to the situation with Blueberry Creek Forest and Nature School. It is my understanding that Tay Valley intends to litigate against them and a gag order has been placed on the directors. Please follow up on this situation to ensure the information you provide to listeners is not false, and to ensure we keep our council members accountable for their words and actions.

  2. Wendy Lavigne

    I’m having a hard time believing the current Reeve as the issues with Blueberry Creek are far from done among continuing threats of litigation. Is this done? Please be honest about how effective you’ve been really towards solutions. This kind of weaving of truths is what’s given Tay Valkey Council its negative reputation.

  3. Heather Kerr-Gauthier

    It is amazing that in the interview Reeve Kerr says they are close to a solution with regards to Blueberry Creek but then announces plans to litigate?!?! That hardly sounds like a solution being close at hand. In the same argument he mentions he relies on the people for information about what is happening and yet – when presented with documented facts – those facts seem to be disregarded (although I cannot say with full certainty as most meeting s are being held “in camera”. In addition, Blueberry Creek has been told that if they want the Council to work with them they must not speak to any media – if there is nothing to hide and Council is so “right”, why the need to place gag orders? I see no transparency here. While I do not doubt that Reeve Kerr has done some good things during his time as Reeve, it becomes apparent after listening that Tay Valley may well need a new Council to avoid these frequently documented 5-3 split votes and to provide transparency in the actions of Council.

    • Janie Kerr

      I agree 100% with you Heather! The council has been voted in to represent we the residents! They and the staff work for us! They should operate with full transparency! As you say if there is nothing to hide and the Council feels they are in the right why demand a gag order?
      I truly fear what impact all the recent litigation costs will have on our future tax bills. Not to mention giving our township a bad reputation! Who in their right mind would wish to consider relocating to Tay Valley after hearing how they operate.

  4. Michelle

    Thank you Brian Campbell, your comments are like a breath of fresh air.


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