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New technology coming to sewer system in Smiths Falls

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Local News | 0 comments

The network of sanitary sewers pipes serving Smiths Falls is aging, and while a lot of work has been done on some streets, the town is still playing catch up after years of deferrals. 

“We have a long list of pipes that need the investment,” Troy Dunlop, director of Public Works and Utilities told committee on Tuesday.

The town has about 58 km of sanitary sewer pipes in the ground and more than half and past their best before date.

“It’s a one day operation, so it’s a very low cost solution and going to be key for us in gaining on our deficit in sanitary sewers,” Dunlop told committee.

At a about 25 to 30 percent of the cost of brand new pipes, trenchless technology can significantly increase the life of aging pipes.

“Trenchless technology allows you to renovate those pipes and get an additional 50 years of life out of them,” explained Dunlop.

In this round of investment the town will be rehabilitating 315 meters of pipe along Pine,  Condie and Market Streets. 

“The Pine Street pipe was done in the 60’s but has had root intrusion, on Market the pipes are more than 100 years old, and on Condie they were done in the 50s and are starting to show distress,” said Dunlop.

Fully funded by the Federal Gas Tax subsidy the total project cost is about $93,578.  The town had budgeted $100,000 for the investment.  The tender is being awarded to Insituform Technologies.

Insituform is the company that established the technology in North America, and remains one of the largest providers in Ontario, it was also the lowest bidder on the tender.

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