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Perth welcomes new Council

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Local News | 0 comments

The swearing in of Perth council was a relatively quiet affair that saw three incumbents renew their declarations of office and three new members make their declarations and accept the town’s code of conduct. 

The fourth new Councillor-elect, Leona Cameron was unable to attend the informal ceremony, but will be sworn in later. 

There were no long speeches but talking to Lake88 Mayor John Fenik, expressed his hopes while welcoming a mostly new council.

He told us, “I think this is a great opportunity for a new council to come together and move agendas forward and get things done here in the town of Perth.  I’ve got the utmost respect for everyone that ‘s been elected.”

The Mayor also said, “I think as long as long as we leave council business in the chambers at the end of the day and we walk out of town hall as friends and neighbours and in some cases loved ones, that things will be great over the next four years.  So I’m looking forward to a very functional council.” 

Judy Brown returns as a councillor this year, but she is the only one to come back in the role.

Former Councillor Ed McPherson was sworn in as Deputy Mayor.

Dave Bird, Brock McPherson, Barry Smith, and Leona Cameron round out the horseshoe, all in their first terms.

Fenik also said that his priority under his new mandate will be to work with his new council to improve on the town’s recreational facilities. “I’d like to see a renewal, a plan for a renewal of recreational facilities and where we’re at, and during the campaign I did campaign on putting in a second ice surface which I think is very, very important.”

The Mayor wants to make sure that it is done properly. “I think fiscal responsibility is going to be the order of the day over the next four years as we see what the provincial government unrolls in terms of their funding to municipalities,” said Fenik. “I think we do what we’ve always done, a common sense approach to our town and listening to the people that elected us, listening to all the citizens and we’re going to be OK.”

The inauguration held at town hall was called by the Town Crier Brent McLaren, who had two pieces of advise to offer the new council. He told them:

“Ralph Waldo Emmerson wrote, ‘Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.

And Rocky Balboa added, “it’s not about how hard you can get hit, it’s whether you can keep moving forward.

God Bless the new council.”

With files from Heddy Sorour

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