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Lanark County welcomes familiar face to Warden’s Chair

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Local News | 0 comments

Newly elected Lanark County Warden, Richard Kidd supporting and supported by one of his younger constituents, 8-month old Everett Sanderson, Beckwith Township resident.

A new Lanark County Warden has been elected.  Richard Kidd, Reeve of Beckwith Township was elected on Dec 4th as Warden for 2019, beating out Bill Dobson, Reeve of Montague.

“I think it’s important to have a warden, with this new council that they feel free to ask questions. We’re all equals around this table, “ said Kidd to the gathered crowd.

Both Dobson and Kidd have held the Warden chair for two terms in the past.  Kidd served as Warden in 2003 and more recently in 2013, while Dobson served as warden most recently in 2017.

Both men, wished each other luck before the vote was taken.

The next order of business at the County inaugural meeting was the nomination and election of the Committee Chairs.

Lanark County Council, elected 2018

Clerk and deputy CAO, Leslie Dryan called for nominations and in each case the nominations were acclaimed.

As per an unspoken tradition John Fenik, outgoing warden and Perth Mayor will chair the Corporate Services Committee while also serving on the Warden’s Steering Committee alongside Dobson.

“If we can be honest and transparent, I think the next four years are going to be spectacular,” said Fenik as he vacated the Warden’s seat.

The new chair of the Community Services Committee is Sharon Mousseau, deputy reeve of Beckwith Township.  Mouseau has chaired this committee in the past and has a background in social services.

“I am passionate about this area and serve on the board of the Mills Community Support group,” said Mousseau as she thanked her fellow Councillors.

Klass Vandermeir, deput Reeve of Montague has been elected to chair the Economic Development Committee.  A business owner, Vandermeir has chaired the Montague economic development committee and served at county council for the past four years.

I am a listener with a great desire to see Lanark County move forward,” said Vandermeir.

Brian Campbell, newly elected Reeve of Tay Valley, will now chair the County Public Works Committee.


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