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North Frontenac launches new website

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Local News | 0 comments

North Frontenac Township has been working hard over the past year to set up its brand new website. It can be found at

The website was launched on Thursday, December 20th and is ready for use by everyone.

Kelly Watkins, Treasurer advised this website allows for easier access to information and provides enhanced capabilities such as being accessibility complaint, cell and tablet compatible and allows for interactive online forms.

Ron Higgins, Mayor says “in our efforts to enhance communications we are thrilled to provide a more robust website for the public to access information more easily and for us to communicate more efficiently. This new website is one that we are proud of and I want to thank the County and Township staff for the significant amount of work that went into this new website.”

In a release, the township states, We hope you find our new website easy to navigate and use. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback through the website if possible or contact the undersigned.

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