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Lanark Highlands’ head of council now to be known as Reeve

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Lanark Highlands will no longer call their head of council mayor. They will now be known as Reeve.

The Deputy Mayor becomes Deputy Reeve too.

New Reeve Peter McLaren said he had hoped to make the change after his election. Council agreed and approved the move last month.

McLaren told the Lanark Era that all other area townships refer to their head of council as Reeve and asked why Lanark Highlands should be any different.

He told the paper in an email, “Making the change to a lower name, as some might think, at the start of the term shows that we are focusing on issues that affect residents and are not being hung up on a (grandiose) agenda.”

He also said the reality is that mayors and reeves do the same job.

The Mayor’s title had been in place since 2000, shortly after amalgamation saw several smaller communities form the new Lanark Highlands that we know today.

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