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No investigation into then-Councillor Redmond’s actions in Carleton Place

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The Integrity Commissioner overseeing Carleton Place Town Council will not be conducting an investigation towards a complaint which had been filed against Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond.

The complaint, filed in October of last year, suggested that Redmond, who was a Councillor at the time, was in several conflicts of interest with regards to a proposed development on 50 Allan Street.

In a letter to council members, the Integrity Commissioner said that while Redmond does have a conflict of interest when it comes to council proceedings that involve that building, because he lives near it, he had declared the conflict at all appropriate times as is required by the council code of conduct.

The Integrity Commissioner also addressed allegations that the Deputy Mayor had misused his position as a Councillor to influence votes, but said that they amounted to only suspicion and speculation with no proof.

While there will be no further investigation, it was suggested in the Commissioner’s report that some changes be made in how minutes at meetings are kept in order to prevent confusion in the future.

Town staff are currently examining how to implement the changes.

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