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MPP Hillier visits Lanark County Council to talk about area Conservation Authorities

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Local News | 2 comments

Area MPP Randy Hillier made a visit to Lanark County Council on Wednesday night and made a detailed presentation on Ontario’s Conservation Authorities (CAs).

At a regular session of Lanark County Council held on Feb 6th, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP, Randy Hillier dropped in to provide a state-of-the-union address of his own on the state of Ontario’s Conservation Authorities.  Quoting extensively from a recent Ontario auditors report on the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, he related findings of concern that applied to all of the CAs in the province.

While he opened his remarks by noting “Conservation Authorities have significant benefits and obligations and mandates that are too important to be neglected or deficient”, he added that one of the audit’s conclusions was that the Ontario government cannot assess how well any of the 36 Authorities are fulfilling their mandates.

This report, filed in the fall of 2018, also found that a full 46% of all CAs in Ontario have mapped less than 50% of their watercourses and that 75% of that data was out of date.

The MPP also told the assembled council that his visit was to inform them of the need to make their voices heard in consultations on upcoming changes to provincial legislation governing CAs. He  remarked that “change was coming and municipalities need to be involved.”

Hillier also shared that he believes that CAs have taken on too many extra-curricular activities and they need to return their focus to their legislated mandate.

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  1. K P

    Sorry I missed the meeting

  2. Jeff

    Stay tuned for yet another deregulation of another environmental control.


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