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Lanark County’s need for affordable housing discussed, plans to build a 20 unit building moving forward

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Local News | 1 comment

At the Lanark County Council Community Services Committee meeting held on Feb 6, chair, Beckwith Deputy Reeve Sharon Mousseau presided over a presentation from Director of Social Services Emily Hollington on plans to increase the number of affordable and rent-geared-to-income RGI units in the county.

Hollington noted that the demographics of residents requiring housing assistance and the type of units needed have changed over the years with an aging population and the increase in the number of smaller families.  One bedroom units are now in high demand and waiting lists are growing in certain municipalities.  Carleton Place has the overall longest wait of 7 years on average, but when adding in a search for a one bedroom unit, that delay can extend to 10-12 years.

Plans for this year include starting the process of approving the building of a 20 unit apartment building in Carleton Place.  Since taking over social housing as a downloaded responsibility in the year 2000, this will be Lanark’s first build with plans for 15 of the units being RGI and the remainder as affordable housing.

The committee passed a motion to issue a negotiable request for proposal to build the residence with Lanark County funding and overseeing the project.

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1 Comment

  1. Joan lepage

    It’s about time! I don’t understand why it take so long to see the need and by the time they do the need is tripled and wait times are outrageous. There has been a building boom here in Carleton Place. Allocate some of it to affordable housing. Most of these new builds are for people coming out of the city.


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