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Future of Smiths Falls’ Healthy Living Festival in limbo

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Local News | 1 comment

The Healthy Living Festival looks like it might not happen in 2019.  The popular healthy lifestyles festival first started in 2013 and was organized by the DBA working with the numerous health and fitness businesses in town.

“We’re really grateful that they ran it as long as they did and certainly it helped downtown businesses, but it became a very large undertaking and they just don’t have the resources to continue,” said Jennifer Miller, economic development and tourism manager.

The event took place every June, in the downtown core.  A good portion of Beckwith Street was blocked off each year – this year it would have had to move or shrink in light of the Beckwith Street reconstruction.

“We’d like to see some smaller version of the festival continue despite the construction coming up, so if anyone is interested in working with a group of community members on a healthy lifestyle sort of event perhaps they can get in touch with me that would be really helpful!”

Last year 70 vendors set up shop for the weekend and there were numerous fun activities for all ages as well as demonstration by gymnasts, athletes and strongmen.  In 2015 the DBA introduced the Healthy Living Festival Ambassador and nominations for that inspirational individual were solicited ahead of the event.

Anyone interested in continuing or introducing a similarly themed event is welcome to contact Miller by calling 613-283-4124 or by email at

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1 Comment

  1. Ellen Bennett-Evoy

    Would like to thank Tracey Pankow and the DBA for all their time from 2013 to 2018. Tracy & the team were very passionate in making Smiths Falls a better place to live and visit. I will miss the Healthy Living Festival as when the town takes over anything it becomes a disaster.

    Thank you Tracey for all your work over the last 5 years, the town of Smiths Falls will miss all your input. Tracey Pankow was the most passionate mayor’s wife & really tried to make Smiths Falls a Healthier and Family place to live and have fun. Too bad they were not appreciated.


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