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Eastern Ontario Model Forest reports that Bruce County leads in carbon offset project

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Local News | 1 comment

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) is excited to announce that Bruce County is the first community forest from the EOMF Certification Program to partner with Bluesource Canada to make the County part of the solution to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Last year, the EOMF, based in Kemptville, partnered with Bluesource Canada to help forest certification members such as Bruce County navigate through the complexity of carbon credit development, verification and marketing. In the partnership, the EOMF and Bluesource Canada provide guidance to those community forests that are interested in pursuing the opportunity.

Bruce County has a long history of sustainable forest management.

Warden Mitch Twolan stated that “The County is the first public sector forest owner in the Province of Ontario to respond to the global climate crisis in this way, and we are proud of our meaningful response to the international rally cry from the 2015 Paris Accord”.

Once a forest owner decides to move forward with a carbon offset project, one of their first steps is to become certified, making the EOMF an ideal starting point for community forests interested in this opportunity. The EOMF has been promoting sustainable forest management since its inception in 1992 and is a leader in private land forest certification. It started its Certification Program in 2002 and currently holds a Forest Stewardship Council certificate for over 82,000 ha of private forest lands in Ontario.

Astrid Nielsen, General Manager at the EOMF said “The signing of the agreement between Bluesource Canada and the County of Bruce is a significant landmark for the EOMF and an opportunity for other Community Forests in Ontario”. She added that “Aside from helping to combat climate change, the development of carbon offsets will also contribute to a host of other ecosystem benefits such as clean drinking water, healthy wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities. These benefits will be realized while maintaining a vibrant forest economy”.

Jamie MacKinnon, VP of Environmental Solutions at Bluesource Canada said “We are thrilled by Bruce County’s leadership and we look forward to working with the County to realize the forest carbon offset opportunity. We are also confident that the carbon market can provide many more landowners with a monetary incentive that meaningfully rewards land owner commitments to sustainable forest management.”

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1 Comment

  1. Catharine Smallwood

    why should I, as a landowner with a forest management plan sanctioned by the ontario government, need further certification from an outside COMPANY which demands fees and payment from me and products from my land, to prove I am practicing proper forest management and deserve accreditation toward carbon credit development?
    My government plan should be enough proof, written and approved by forest professionals. It seems to me that the company Bluesource Canada is making money because of bureaucratic redtape; why isn’t a management plan an automatic “in” for establishing carbon offsets?
    Why would I as a landowner have to pay twice, once for an MFTIP and then also for Certification for carbon offsets?
    Why isn’t the expertise of the members of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association who write and/or approve the MIFTIP good enough for certification?
    It seems to me that Certification is a money-making scheme for a large company, with the landowner having to pay that company for no reasons except greed, and lack of acceptance by accreditors of carbon credits of someone else’s professional opinion.


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