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Le Boat reports its financial impact on region after first season on the Rideau

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Local News | 2 comments

At the Economic Development Committee meeting of Lanark County Council of March 27, representatives from the LeBoat boating holidays firm gave an update on their first year of operation in Canada and provided some insight into their impact on the local economy.

Cheryl Brown, managing director told council that Leboat had an amazing first season in Smiths Falls on the Rideau Canal system .  While the majority of clients were Canadian, 35% came from Europe where Leboat has been a major operator for 50 years.  She reported that her boating customers here spent over $1.6M dollars in our area and her economic forecast predicts that figure will grow to $12.5M over the next 5 years.

They will add 4 new luxury 5-cabin craft to their current fleet of 16 this year and plan on adding 4 more every year to 2024.

Her European clients were most impressed with the Rideau waterway and the friendliness of Canadians they met as well as their eagerness to share and promote all the great features of our area.

A satellite port will be added in Seeley’s Bay this season.

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  1. John

    Less then 3000 people (as per their reported usage) spent over $1.6 million? Highly doubtful. These estimates are never factual. Maybe as them to provide the actual data supporting those numbers, then report.

  2. Heather Stewatt

    Most of that money ,clients has spendt on the Rental Costs of the boats and all the extras LBoat charges their their profits leave Canada as this is an European based company, This 1,6 million isn t money the clients spend at local businesses , they are good at the Smoke and Mirror , how do you think they were able to get millions of Canadian Tax payers money to open in Canada with hiring only a handful of people year round, they gave all levels of government , the speech on how it is gong to spend tons of money , We are talking a 4 month business in Canada which only 2 months are high season rates. ,There are 1100 cottages on the Big Rideau, 3 very large marinas, bringng money to the area , a few LeBoat customers for 4 months of the year isn t going to make a big impact, wake up and stop letting the government hand out money and perks and becoming partners. with companies who really won t make a difference to the economy, focus on bringing in year round businesses like tweed, with year round people spending money in the communities, then you will see the difference, it is obious LeBoat probably wants more grant money for their operation.


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