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Perth Kilt run regains Guinness Record

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The Perth Kilt Run’s Terry Stewart tells Lake 88 news that in an unexpected twist of events, the Town of Perth has regained its title as the Guinness World Record holder for Largest Kilt Race in the World. 

You may remember that Cleveland took the existing Guinness record from Perth on March 17, 2019, with their 2,040 count beating out Perth’s former count of 1,743. Stewart says he was recently informed that Perth has officially regained the title as Guinness officially recognized the 2016 race which had 3,670 kilted runners take to the streets of the town. 

Stewart said, “It was a long hard journey by the 2016 race committee, its many volunteers, and the people of Perth, to achieve this world record. But in the end, the incredible accomplishment belongs to each and every one of the 3,670 kilted runners that made the day on June 25, 2016 the success it has now been officially recognized to have achieved!”

There was a bit of a delay in reporting the change in record holders. The Stewart clan is away competing at the North Korean Marathon. Due to no internet access in that country, they didn’t receive the email letting them know of the change until recently.

That notice came on April 3rd. “Strange that we get official recognition only 17 days after Cleveland became the first city to officially beat our existing old record (set in 2012) after so many had tried and not succeeded,” noted Stewart. 

He also excitedly noted, “The timing could not be better, with the 10th Anniversary Perth Kilt Run happening on August 17, 2019. Now we will have a chance to really officially recognize our new Perth, Ontario, Canada World Record!”


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