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Carleton Place deciding which projects to fund

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

It looks like Carleton Place is closer to making a few of its planned improvements, thanks to a helping hand from the provincial and federal governments.

The town has been allocated over $900,000 of government money to go towards various projects and, during Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, council began the process of determining which projects would benefit from that money.

Discussions about the expensive repairs to the central bridge in Carleton Place came to council once again, but this time, it was because the town will be receiving an additional $300,000 from the Federal Gas Tax Program.

Repairs to Gillies Bridge need to be completed ahead of the Central Bridge project to provide an outlet for people that will be impacted by construction there. Council agreed to use the gas tax money to fund a portion of the Gillies Bridge repairs, which will be a great help towards keeping the Central Bridge on track.

Council also discussed what to do with $600,000 they would be receiving from the Provincial Government as part of funds earmarked for improving service delivery and reducing ongoing costs.

Council agreed to move over from standard Bell Phones to Voice over IP phones at Town Hall at a cost of $15,000, but the upgrade would pay for itself in monthly savings after a year so the decision was a quick one.

More difficult, were what other projects they would allocate funds to.

A list of potential targets for funding included an additional bylaw vehicle, solar lighting at Carleton Junction, and reducing the debt financing for new dressing rooms at the Carleton Place arena among many others.

Council chose to defer that decision to another week, to take a closer look at where the money would be best spent.

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