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Lanark County 2019 construction projects underway

by | May 7, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The 2019 Lanark County Public Works construction season is already underway, with rehabilitation and paved shoulder work planned for 21.3 kilometres and pavement preservation projects on 40 km.

The total construction budget for this year is up slightly, at $7.76 million, but revenues have also increased: federal gas tax funding is covering $1.82 million and $480,000 contributed by Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund funding.

“At the end of this season, 35 per cent of county roads will have paved shoulders, and we’re starting to see maintenance benefits from this program,” said Terry McCann, public works director.

The county assesses its entire road system each year and develops a list of priorities as part of a five-year planning process, which is approved by county council.

“Infrastructure is a key component of Lanark County’s business,” said Councillor Brian Campbell (Tay Valley Reeve), public works committee chair. “The county oversees construction, operation, repair and maintenance on more than 560 km of roads and 82 bridge and culvert structures.”

Mr. McCann said the county is monitoring infrastructure affected by this year’s flooding. “A consulting engineer has assessed affected bridges and everything is structurally sound. Some road repairs are required, for example, three culverts on Tatlock Road and one at County Road 10 east of Perthmore Street, as well as work at the Dalhousie Lake bridge.” He noted a massive amount of runoff from the Mount Pakenham area exceeded 100-year flood amounts, which caused the flooding and closure of County Road 29 and was beyond the county’s control.

“The capital budget for public works is a big part of Lanark County’s annual budget and represents the importance of our road and bridge assets,” said Warden Richard Kidd (Beckwith Reeve). “We strive to maintain this critical infrastructure to a high standard while considering the financial impact, public safety, quality of life and importance to the local economy. It’s a crucial investment.”  

Projects for 2019 include:

County Road 4 (Roger Stevens Drive): Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited and Miller Paving will be micro-levelling, placing a geotextile SAMI and placing a warm-mix asphalt overlay with paved shoulders from Rosedale Road easterly for 6 km. Work is scheduled from June 30 to July 29 at a cost of $1.1 million.  

County Road 10 (Richmond Road): Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited and Miller Paving is slated to micro-level, apply a geotextile SAMI and place a warm-mix asphalt overlay with paved shoulders from Hwy. 15 easterly for 6 km. Work is planned from June 5 to Aug. 16 at a cost of $1.1 million.

County Road 6 (Althorpe Road): From July 15 to Aug. 23, G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Limited is slated to do culvert replacements, ditch cleanout, rock removal, pulverizing and apply granulars and double surface treatment with treated shoulders from County Road 36 (Bolingbroke Road) easterly for 3 km at a cost of $570,000.

County Road 16 (Wolf Grove Road): Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited has begun work on culvert replacements, ditch clean-out, pulverizing, and applying granulars and warm-mix asphalt with paved shoulders from Lanark 12th Concession westerly for 3.3 km. Work is expected to be competed June 7 at a cost of $810,000.

County Road 17 (Appleton Side Road): Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited is scheduled to do culvert replacements, ditch clean-out, pulverizing and applying granulars and warm-mix asphalt with paved shoulders from County Road 11 (River Road) northerly for 3 km from 77June 10 to July 19 at a cost of $770,000.

County Road 7 (Fallbrook Road) and 16 (Wolf Grove Road): G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Limited has the contract to complete shouldering on 3.6 km of County Road 7 from Keays Road to Fall River Bridge at a cost of $42,000 in May. Arnott Brothers Construction Ltd. has completed the work on 6 km of County Road 16 from Harding Road to Hopetown for $87,000.  

County Road 24 (Roger Stevens Drive): Miller Paving will be conducting asphalt in-depth sealing on 4.5 km from Code Drive to County Road 23 (Rosedale Road) in June for $65,000.  

Bolton Creek Bridge: Major rehabilitation has begun for the Bolton Creek Bridge on County Road 7 (Fallbrook Road), 230 metres north of County Road 19 (Bennett Lake Road). Work is being completed by Dalcon Constructors Ltd. at a cost of $790,000 and includes concrete repairs throughout, elimination of expansion joints, new barriers and new waterproofing and pavement. Temporary traffic signals have been installed and work is expected to be completed Aug. 2.

Hot Mix Patching: This will be taking place on various roads throughout the county from May to October by G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Limited at a cost of $150,000.  

Microsurfacing: This pavement preservation work is scheduled to take place from June 10 to July 26 on County Roads 8, 14, and 29 by Miller Paving at a cost of $1.2 million. County Road 8 (Watsons Corners Road) is from Dalhousie Lake Bridge to Hwy. 511 for 13.1 km; County Road 14 (Narrows Lock Road) is from County Road 21 (Lally Road) southerly to the Leeds & Grenville boundary for 7 km; County Road 29 North is from County Road 16A (Perth Street) northerly to McWatty Road for 15.1 km;

Please also note the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville are completing a project on County Road 10 from the boundary with Lanark County to Foley Mountain (Westport). The road is scheduled to be closed from June 10 to July 15 with a detour in place using Glen Tay Side Road, County Road 6 (Christie Lake Road) and County Road 36 (Bolingbroke Road) to Westport.

Mr. McCann notes traffic may be reduced to one lane periodically during projects and asks motorists to obey all signs and traffic control personnel during construction to ensure the safety of workers and the public. “We regret any inconvenience or disruption to traffic that may be caused.”

Also watch for the county’s public works crews cleaning bridges and conducting roadside mowing, pothole patching and sign repairs throughout the summer. Regular road maintenance activities through other contracts throughout the season include ditching, brushing, crack sealing, line painting and safety barrier repairs.

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