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Developer expresses anger over failed bid for project during meeting in Carleton Place as council moves ahead with similar project

by | May 15, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The council chambers in Carleton Place got loud on Tuesday night after a run of the mill, development permit authorization drew the anger of a local developer.

The developer took issue with council agreeing to give out a permit for a project which she felt was very similar to a project for which her applications had been denied, bringing the meeting to an abrupt halt.

Cheryl Batten of Batten Developments voiced her displeasure at the Town of Carleton Place’s decision to authorize the application for a 32-unit, 4 storey apartment building on Boyd street. “You’ve got to kidding me,” she yelled as the meeting was suspended for being out of order, and a threat was made to call police. “I’d love to leave in Handcuffs,” was Batten’s reply. 

Batten’s issue stemmed from a building proposal of her own, for a 4 storey, 33 unit building on Allan Street, that was denied in August of 2018 leading her to begin the appeal process. The project was effectively brought to a close when the Local Planning and Appeal Tribunal dismissed Batten Developments’ appeal earlier this month.

The Committee of the Whole meeting reconvened following Batten’s departure from council chambers.

With the meeting back in session, Tyler Duval, the town’s acting manager of development services explained why the two projects received different decisions.

While they may have been similar in size, according to Duval, the Boyd street project fit in with its surroundings and did not negatively impact adjacent properties, unlike the Allan Street property, which had been denied based on its compatibility with the surrounding neighbourhood.

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