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Pride plans in Carleton Place getting set

by | May 16, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The town of Carleton Place has already begun figuring out its plans for its annual pride celebration.

During the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, May 14th, a delegation from LGBTCP spoke to council about how best to commemorate pride in the town.

Originally, the agenda had read that they were going to talk to the town about painting a crosswalk in town with rainbow colours to represent pride.

After some reconsideration, they instead chose to ask council about flying the pride flag at town hall in July. Angie Mills of LGBTCP tells Lake 88 that the cost and practicality of the crosswalk were what caused their pivot.

“We switched the focus from the crosswalk to the flag because the flag on our town hall is a better symbol,” said Mills. “The crosswalk, just because its been done in other places, isn’t exactly why we need to have it done here and apparently it draws a lot of vandalism. The initial painting and the upkeep adds up to be too much.”

Council suggested potentially flying the flag from as early as July 5th and until July 20th to coincide with the town’s Pride festival. However, council still liked the crosswalk idea and decided that it would also see if there was a way to temporarily decorate one of the town’s crosswalks while keeping costs down.


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