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Rideau Lakes commits to multi-year funding deal for PSFDH

by | May 17, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

On Monday May 13th, Rideau Lakes council passed a resolution to fund the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital on an ongoing basis.

“Initially we said we weren’t prepared to fund the hospital if the county was going to fund it.  But the county is not funding the Perth and Smiths Falls hospital, they’re contributing to other hospitals” said Mayor Arrie Hoogenboom.

Recognizing that Rideau Lakes residents use the Perth and Smiths Falls hospital regularly, the resolution passed unanimously.  The township will start collecting a levy of  $3.00 per capita, in 2020; $4 in 2021; capping the levy at $5 per person, or the equivalent of a 1 percent tax increase by 2022.

“We’re not doing anything in 2019 because our budget was already set,” said Hoogenboom.

The new levy gives the hospital predictable funding up till 2022, and at $5.00 per capita will amount to a little less than $100,000, based on 2018 population figures.  The levy will apply to both permanent year-round residents and seasonal residents.

“This is a people service, not a property service, so it needs to be based on people both permanent and seasonal,” added Hoogenboom.


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