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Highlights from the regular Lanark County Council meeting held Wednesday, June 12

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

New Councillor Sworn In: Councillor Rickey Minnille (Mississippi Mills Deputy Mayor) officially took his seat at the county council table at the regular meeting Wednesday night following a swearing-in ceremony conducted by Clerk Leslie Drynan. Mr. Minnille was appointed as deputy mayor at a special meeting of Mississippi Mills council on March 28 to take the position for the remainder of the 2018-2022 term. The position became vacant following the death of Councillor John Levi in January. Mr. Minnille previously served three terms as a councillor for Mississippi Mills, elected in 2003, 2006 and 2010. Warden Richard Kidd (Beckwith Reeve) and county councillors welcomed Mr. Minnille to the table. For more information, contact Leslie Drynan, Clerk, at 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1502

Silver Chain Challenge Issued: Again this year, Renfrew County has issued the Silver Chain Challenge to Lanark County – and county councillors are ready to get moving! This annual activity is a friendly competition throughout June between various participating communities in eastern Ontario. It is designed to promote active, safer and healthier communities by encouraging citizens to walk, run, bike and wheel on trails and roads, and to have fun doing it. The invitation is extended to all members of the community, including schools, seniors’ clubs, workplaces, families, municipal councils, emergency services and anyone interested in improving physical and mental health. Register at and enter your 2019 kilometres by July 1. May the most active community win! For more information, contact Leslie Drynan, Clerk, at 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1502.

Road Salt Tender Awarded: Lanark County Council has awarded a contract to Cargill Salt, Road Safety, a Division of Cargill Limited, for the supply and delivery of bulk coarse highway salt in the amount of almost $1.2 million. This follows a tender process that began in March. The tender was for July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 and provides for four extensions of a one-year period (winter season). Municipalities have been faced with issues around current road salt availability and production. The county incorporated the tender to include provisions for variances in quantities and hauling locations, the potential for relocation of municipal patrol depots, delivery timing, and timing of extension options. In a report to the public works committee last month, Director Terry McCann indicated a combination of production issues and high demand in the 2018/19 winter season have exhausted salt supplies and, therefore, the volume of salt to be mined prior to winter is very high. The low bidder will be providing salt from their mine in Cleveland, Ohio. The bid for next season is a 47 per cent increase over the rate paid in 2019, but the county was able to purchase about half of its budget salt quantity for 2019 at a competitive rate, which was used from January to April 2019. Consequently, the impact of the price increase for road salt will affect the county’s 2020 budget. For more information, contact Terry McCann, Director of Public Works, at 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 3190.

County Approves Official Plan Amendments: Following a public meeting where comments were received on May 22, as required under the Planning Act, council has approved recommendations by County Planner Julie Stewart to pass by-laws for amendments to the Lanark County Sustainable Communities Official Plan (SCOP). Amendment No. 8 updates the population projections for the county to allocate population growth to each local municipality until the year 2038 and was a county-initiated amendment, which will be reviewed every five years. The Town of Perth undertook a comprehensive review of its official plan, including studies and initiatives that support growth and development of the town and expansion of its urban settlement boundary, strategic population projections, servicing and storm water master plans and studies, sewage lagoon upgrades, and a planning justification report. This formed the basis of Official Plan Amendment No. 16 to the town’s official plan. The county is the approval authority for local municipal official plan amendments. Amendment No. 9 to the county’s SCOP was initiated by the Town of Perth to redesignate lands within Perth’s municipal boundary to “settlement area” to accommodate the new population number of 8,085 for Perth. For more information, contact Julie Stewart, County Planner, at 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1520.

Upcoming Meetings: County Council, Wednesday, June 26, 5 p.m.; Public Works, June 26 (following County Council); Economic Development, June 26 (following Public Works); Special County Council, June 26 (following Economic Development). Please note there are no regular council or committee meetings in July. County Council, Wednesday, Aug. 7, 5 p.m.; Community Services, Aug. 7 (following County Council); Services, Aug. 7 (following Community Services). All meetings are in Council Chambers unless otherwise noted. For more information, contact 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1502. Like “LanarkCounty1” on Facebook and follow “@LanarkCounty1” on Twitter!

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