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Perth Council discusses Library funding in wake of provincial cuts

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The effects of funding cuts made by the Ford government continue to be felt by libraries across Ontario and now the Perth & District Union Library is the latest institution asking its municipality to talk to the province about rescinding its decision.

Erika Heeson, CEO and Chief Librarian at the Perth Library, spoke to council on Tuesday night about how the cuts to the Southern Ontario Library Service, or SOLS, was affecting its ability to have materials delivered from other libraries and provide for visitors.

Heeson tells Lake 88 that SOLS had no choice but to slash its offerings in the wake of its diminished budget. “They really had no other option but to cut that service.” She said. “Otherwise I think they would be looking at a situation where they wouldn’t be able to continue all of the other things they do for us like the consortia purchasing, the staff training and the networking among public libraries. Having the council’s support is particularly important because it shows that it’s not just the local library boards that are concerned about this, it’s our municipalities and the people who live in our rural communities.”

Council agreed that it would join other municipalities in asking the provincial government to reverse these changes, while also directing staff to look into what it could do to ease some of the library’s financial burden when it comes to leasing space.

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