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Perth looking at traffic situation on Joy Ave.

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Local News | 1 comment

The town of Perth is looking at ways that it can make traffic on Joy Avenue a little safer.

During Tuesday night’s committee of the whole meeting, the town received a delegation representing residents of the neighbourhood who would like to see some traffic calming measures put in place.

A presentation was delivered to council alleging that the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Leslie and Wilson as increased traffic on Joy Avenue, turning it into a shortcut for motorists.

Traffic calming changes such as a reduced speed limit of 30 km/h along with signs denoting the change, marked crosswalks and even speed bumps were suggested as was of making the street safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Some councillors expressed reservations over using so many measures, but agreed that it was worth having its feasibility examined by town staff.

Council then agreed to direct Environmental Services to look into the matter and present their findings to be discussed at a future meeting.

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1 Comment

  1. Dorothy Whitehead

    The residents of Joy Avenue and Leslie street have been addressing their concerns regarding traffic and safety issues in our neighbourhood for many years and our concerns
    have landed on the deaf ears that we have elected to keep our community and neighbourhood safe
    We met as concerned residents , with Brent Brownlee to discuss his plans for redevelopment and the implications on traffic flow in the neighbourhood. We emphasized that we were not opposed to his redevelopment but were concerned that the increase in traffic from residents at his proposed residential property and the six plex planned for the bottom of Joy Avenue would add even more traffic since the plan would be to funnel all traffic onto Joy Ave..
    It should also be noted that since the implementation of traffic lights on the corners of Isabella and Wilson Streets there is now a traffic corridor between the Scotch Line and Wilson Street both directions to highway #7 and from #7 to Scotch Line. It has become Perth’s answer to a raceway with little concern to speed or Stop signs.
    We met with Council on Tuesday nite for our presentation. The only response was from Councillor David Bird OPP who warned us that we would not want speed bumps as a deterrent as they were dangerous and noisy???? Really the only danger I see is to those who exceed the speed limit and as far as noise I would defer that speed would cause a noise if you were exceeding the speed limit. I found his response puzzling as I thought he had recused himself from this issue and why recuse when my understanding is that the Police Mandate is to Serve and Protect the Community and Its citizens.
    Another issue has been the absence of MR. Grant Machan whose portfolio is to deal with this concern. He missed a meeting that was set up prior to the June 11th Council meeting with no explanation. We presented to him and council members copies of our Presentation outlining proposals . Apparently MR. Machan neglected to read the proposal as he e-mailed a response asking what we wanted?,
    To add insult MR. Machan was not at the Council meeting on June 11 th to addresss concerns or to go on record as to his progress in addressing this issue.
    In conclusion the Residents of Joy Avenue and Leslie Streets are not going to fade away any time soon. The traffic flow and Speed of 50 km / hr on our streets is a castrophe waiting to happen.
    Thank you for allowing me to respond to this News Report.


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