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Mayor Fenik hopes to see cameras installed to deter vandalism

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Local News | 1 comment

A rash of vandalism in Perth has Mayor John Fenik calling for surveillance cameras to be installed near town assets.

During Tuesday night’s council meeting at Town Hall, while discussing miscellaneous business, the Mayor brought up recent acts of vandalism which have been affecting the town.

According to reports from the town, it took around 30 person hours to fix damage that was inflicted in various local areas including the splash pad at Conlon Farm and the windows at Terrace on the Tay.

Mayor Fenik, who has previously been opposed to the idea of surveillance, told council he felt that a change was needed.“When we last discussed video surveillance on town assets, I was against that. I am telling you right now, it is time to put video surveillance in front of our town assets to prevent vandalism and catch these people that are doing that.”

Council has asked its Director of Community Services to investigate the feasibility of installing surveillance near town assets as well as the possibility of increasing bylaw officers’ capacity to patrol.

With council set to break for the summer, the mayor also voiced his plans to call a special meeting in July to specifically discuss the surveillance issue.

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1 Comment

  1. Penny McNeely

    Glad to see the Mayor has come around to the cameras…the world isn’t getting better, neither is the parenting! Beautiful town…


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