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Mayor Fenik reacts to Grenville Castings closure

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Mayor John Fenik says the closing of Grenville Castings late last month felt like a door closed in the community.

He added in an interview with the CBC that there is a severe sense of sadness in the community as many in town knew someone who worked there.

Magna International announced last year that they would be shuttering the aging facility.

Mayor Fenik remains dedicated to manufacturing jobs in town though, saying “[We need to] bring in new manufacturing opportunities and do what we can to fill the void that Grenville Castings has left.”

He also says he expects the closure will have both an economic and social impact on the town as the 300+ people who worked there are now looking for work.

There are no reports at this point on any potential tenants to fill the building.


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