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Linton to continue with extensive Post Office renovation in Smiths Falls

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Local News | 2 comments

One of the questions asked after Bruce Linton was terminated from Canopy growth last week was, what about his real estate projects in Smiths Falls?

Lake 88 caught up with him at the Old Post Office and got a tour of the old building that he’s still determined to restore to its former glory. 

Most of the structural work has been completed, the entire building has been gutted, the clock tower is being renovated and will house a working clock.  Already the exterior brick-work has been cleaned and crumbling window sills are being replaced with replica hand carved sills. And that’s just part of the work being done.  

Linton told Lake 88 it’s a labour of love. “The reason I’m doing the Post office building, it’s probably the worst fixer upper ratio in the history of fixer uppers. I think fixing it up is going to cost between eight  and 10 times the purchase price. But when it’s done, its lasted about 130 years and it should last a lot more.”

He also showed that despite recent events, he still wants the town to thrive. “My theory is, if this is the most beautiful building in town and it is fantastic again, everybody should mow their lawn or paint their house – do whatever they have to – because this town has got a core that’s great and they should add to it.”

The future is still up in the air for the second major project that Linton was attached to, the waterfront redevelopment at the old Water Treatment Plant. Canopy has said they will be speaking with the town about the project in the near future.

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  1. Norma

    Bruce Linton, Smiths Falls will hold you in its heart forever

  2. Lynda

    Kudus Bruce. You will always be rembered everytime we look at that clock. It’s definitely a feather in your cap. Thank you


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