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UCDSB Chair pens open letter to MPP Clark addressing cuts to board’s budget

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

John McAllister, Chair, Upper Canada District School Board has written an open letter to MPP Steve Clark in response to comments made by Clark in an open letter of his own.

Clark called out the board for cuts to its budget, and the impact those cuts will have on students. He said the Upper Canada District School Board should have a third-party review of the board’s budget for the upcoming school year. 

In his letter addressed to McAllister, Clark wrote that he was concerned about the impact the board’s budget would have on students. He also noted that the board is receiving nearly $1 million more in funding from the province. It is slated to receive a total of $342 million from the Ontario government for the upcoming school year, according to the MPP.

The letter was published on the Brockville Recorder’s website and can be read here: MPP Clark Letter To McAllister

In his letter, McAllister wrote in part, “I note your concern about the impact of the Board’s recent budget cuts. It is good that you are finally concerned.  Yet it is immediately clear to us that your recommendation for addressing the financial challenges that the Upper Canada District School Board faces as it delivers on its core mandate to support our student learning and their well-being, is an unfortunate approach, since it does little to assist us at a time of unprecedented financial difficulty.”

You can read the letter in its entirety here: UCDSB Open Letter to MPP Clark.

The open letter comes as union school board leaders have endorsed some form of job action, as they say “in defense of high-quality services for students. CUPE said in a statement the job action is a call to restore funding so that education workers can deliver the high-quality education services that our schools rely on.

School boards and unions blame the cuts to services on funding changes from the provincial government.

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