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Update on Perth Bear

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Photo: John Fenik

The Ministry of Natural Resources has provided an update on the young bear who was up a tree in a Perth Neighbourhood on Sunday.

The bear has been dubbed Arthur by some, because the events unfolded on Arthur Street.

The Ministry reports that the young female was successfully immobilized by ministry staff. They note that when immobilizing a bear in a tree, padding/netting is placed beneath the tree to cushion the fall and help ensure the welfare of the animal.

Unfortunately, in this case the immobilized bear hit a branch, and missed the padding/netting, and landed on the ground.

The good news is that after recovering from the immobilization drugs, the bear was thought to be in good shape (no broken bones or serious injuries were noted during physical assessment by MNRF staff), so it was released on Crown land in an unpopulated area, well away from the town of Perth.

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