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Perth takes action to regulate water headed to waste system

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The town of Perth is urging residents to ensure that their sump pumps and roof drains are not connected to the sewer system.  The town now has a program to help residents make any plumbing changes necessary, and will cover any costs associated up to $5,000 per household.

“The nature of the program is to eliminate clean rain water from entering the sanitary sewer which causes capacity issues and treatment issues at our sanitary lagoon system,” Director of Environmental Services, Grant Machan explained.

In the first phase of the program the town is targeting households in the Carsonview and Scottsdale neighbourhoods.  The town is aware that not everyone will know whether their sump pumps or roof drains are going into the sewer system.

“People can do an inspection just by following the pipes that they can see.  If they don’t have the skill- set they can contact a plumber or somebody that’s handy that understands plumbing and just visually inspect where the water goes when it’s going into the plumbing system,” said Machan.

Removing rainwater from the sewer system takes a lot of pressure off the town’s sanitary lagoon.

“During spring melts and rain events, the daily flow recorded at the wastewater treatment facility can be up to four times the licensed treatment flows,” explained Machan in his report to committee.

The municipality was successful in securing a grant of $2.1 million from the Small Communities fund (SCF) for the purpose of establishing a subsidy program to remove non-sewage water from the sanitary sewer system according to Machan.

The monies available are part of a provincial/federal grant and are therefore time sensitive.  The end date on the grant is December 2020.

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