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Planned Hydro Outage for Sunday

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

This is a reminder that Hydro One has released an outage notice for this weekend, on Sunday September 29th to be precise.

Some customers in Bathurst, Dalhousie, North Sherbrooke, Lanark, Oso, Palmerston, Darling, Sherbrooke South, And Lavant are being warned that their Hydro Services will be interrupted for 5 hours between 7AM and 12PM.

Over 2,500 customers will be affected while Hydro One is replacing Hydro Poles.

Those affected are being contacted by Hydro One.

However if you experience an outage and have not been contacted, you should call Hydro One and make sure your primary contact information is up to date.

Hydro One reminds all members of the public to always stay clear of downed power lines or equipment. Never assume they are safe to approach.

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