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Smiths Falls welcomes special visitor

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Build it and they will come, has certainly been the catch phrase in Smiths Falls ever since Canopy Growth landed in the community. 

Just last Monday, Mayor Shawn Pankow was hosting yet another foreign dignitary curious about the Canadian cannabis experience.

Mayor Pankow told Lake 88 News, “In November 2020 New Zealanders, Kiwis, will be facing the question do they want to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes.  So MP Paula Bennett who is the Deputy Leader of the Opposition for the National Party came around the world to Smiths Falls and wanted to learn more about our experience in being the home community of the largest cannabis producer in the world.”

Pankow says the guest MP took a tour of the Canopy Growth facility to learn more about the opportunities that are connected to legalized cannabis.

“She was very interested in how this story has transformed our community,” said the Mayor. “So it’s not uncommon for us to see dignitaries from foreign countries coming into Smiths Falls but this is the one who’s probably come the furthest to learn about the story of our renewal.”

MP Bennett is currently the senior Shadow member of the Official Opposition and the National spokesperson on drug reform.  She tends to lean towards decriminalization rather than legalization, arguing the government’s drug reform policy needs to consider health, education, and justice.

Should 51% of Kiwis’ vote YES in November 2020 – New Zealand will become just the third country in the world to fully legalize Cannabis following Canada and Uruguay.

Bennett was born on 9 April 1969 in Auckland, New Zealand. She has Maori ancestry.  She served as Deputy Prime Minister when the National Party was in power.



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