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Perth continues planning for new multi–community recreational complex

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

As the Town of Perth gears up to submit an application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program for a regional recreation centre with neighbouring municipalities, staff are reaching out to indigenous groups. 

They are approaching them looking for help incorporate activities and spaces that are inclusive and welcoming to that segment of the community.

Director of Community Services, Shannon Baillon told Lake 88 News, “We’re starting out by consulting with them, it doesn’t make sense for us to make those decisions. We need to have discussion with the indigenous communities around what will make them feel welcome in this.”

Baillon said that the new facility is mean to be a community centre, a place where everyone should be welcome. “We’re getting ideas from them on the type of things that will make the indigenous community feel welcome in the building. So we’re talking about multiple things, ideas like a place to smudge, perhaps some not dedicated space but room they can use to meet in, public art on the outside or the inside…  We really want it to be their input to us.”

The new facility, comes with a heft price tag, but incorporates the recreational wishes of the community. Baillon said, “The concept contains a single pad ice arena with a walking track, raised walking track in that same space, a double gym, six lane, 25-meter pool and a warm pool with associated change rooms and washroom as well as multiple meeting rooms.”

She added, “Those items actually came up in our recreation survey, the Recreation Master Plan Survey and those were the main top four items that were in that survey of what people wanted, and that’s why we’re there.”

Baillion admits that the plan is ambitious and costly. “Yes it is a lot of money, like I said to council, it’s a big number,we’re staying at the high end of the estimate that we have at this point because we just think that’s safe. Otherwise the estimates themselves aren’t detailed enough for us to really know what the cost is going to be.”

The town is sticking to a proposed budget of $40 million dollars plus a contingency of 10 percent. Baillion said, that “is the right place to be at this point.”

The new rec centre would be located behind Canadian Tire.

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