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Township of Montague Gets New Look

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Local News | 1 comment

Submitted by the Township of Montague

The Township of Montague has taken on a whole new look.

You may have noticed the signs that greet you as you enter the Township. With the growth of the Township and its close proximity to Ottawa, Montague understood the need to plan for the future and has taken the initial steps to upgrade their brand, enhance their communications materials and position the Township for the next five years.

With a focus on becoming investment ready, the Township Council and Clerk Administrator, Jasmin Ralph, recognized the need to embrace the future. “In order to entice businesses and attract new residents, we have to compete with other municipalities,” stated Ralph.

A new brand was developed which utilizes a stylized capital letter ‘M’ that is adorned with maple leaves. The use of leaves as a graphic element is synonymous with the leaf used in the County of Lanark’s logo and makes a strong link with nature. The capital letters represent strength and instills confidence for the viewer. The green and blue colours could represent the abundant rural land and the link that the Township has with the Rideau River which runs along its most southern border.

The Township opted to stick with its familiar slogan of ‘Country living at its best’ emphasising that it is still relevant in portraying what Montague has to offer.

The clean, new brand can be seen on the Township’s signage along with a newly designed website and eventually on all promotional and collateral material. The Township is excited to connect with residents in a more effective and meaningful way through the new website.

The new website was designed and developed by the team of TD Graham + Associates and Probase Web. The new signage was produced and installed by Classic Graphics.

The Township is well on its way to realizing it’s potential with this newly developed visual identity for Montague – part of the ‘Priority Actions’ from the Township’s Economic Development strategic plan of 2018.

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1 Comment

  1. Julie Tye

    Could we also make sure that new development embrace the wildlife and natural settings
    Living in rural ontario is amazing, but totally clearing land for a mansion does not due justice to the eco systems, wildlife or nature in general


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