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Smiths Falls takes next step towards LED lighting

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Smiths Falls council has passed a bylaw that will allow the town to move ahead with switching all it’s street light to LED lights. 

CAO Malcolm Morris told Lake 88 it’s not just about making a change from their existing technology. “Part of the decision to move forward with conversion to LED lighting will involve a reasonably in-depth analysis of illumination levels today and what they will be in the future.”

“So we’re not only switching to a more energy efficient lighting system,” added Morris, “We’re going to provide adequate amounts of light for the area being serviced, and part of that principal is to abide by the dark skies policy or dark sky philosophy where the intent is to illuminate the road or the sidewalk and not to contribute to light pollution in an urban area.”

He concluded, “Its not just switching lights, it’s analyzing the illumination levels along each of our corridors and making sure we get them right.”

The work is expected to begin in January and be completed within six to eight weeks.

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