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Perth to form Advisory Panel to address problems with the Small Rocky Ramp

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The town of Perth is committed to creating a Rocky Ramp advisory panel to find solutions to the ongoing issues with the small Rocky ramp. 

Mayor john Fenik told Lake 88 the panel will be made up of local stakeholders representing a cross section of those affected.

Perth Mayor John Fenik (file photo)

“The Rocky Ramp Advisory Panel will consist of three members of council, three citizens, a representative from Parks Canada, a representative from RVCA (Rideau Valley Conservation Authority), a representative from Matrix who designed and built it, and then a staff technical person,” said the Mayor.

Mayor Fenik added, “What the group is going to be charged with, is making recommendations to council around the changes of potential water flow, design, look of the small Rocky Ramp.”

The panel will also include members of Friends of the Tay River according to the committee recommendation tabled on Tuesday November 5th.

The positions will be advertised publicly and interested parties including councillors will be required to apply for positions on the panel.

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