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Town of Perth looks to extend parking time for accessible parking spots

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

The town of Perth is looking into the logistics of extending parking time at its accessible spots. 

The town received a letter from resident Lois Hutchins who uses a walker. She explained the two hour parking time limit on the spaces can be extremely challenging for people who have to move at a slower pace. He letter letter struck a chord with committee members. 

Councillor Barry Smith told Lake 88, “I just very much agree with it.  She made a very good point. if she has an appointment at 11 o’clock she’s got barely two hours, and then she had a dental appointment and it made sense to increase it. So I just, I’m very much in support of it.  I think it’s an easy thing we can do to help the handicapped people in Perth.”

Town staff will be looking into the matter, consulting with by-law enforcement and bringing recommendations back to council.

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